Beautiful Ragdolls

Healthy, sweet, sociable pedigreed Ragdolls in North Dakota.

Ragdolls are known as “floppy cats” because they have a tendency to go floppy when picked up (that’s how they got their name!) and every Ragdoll owner loves the way they just flop themselves out on the floor or bed, often on their backs with their legs outstretched, like they don’t have a care in the world.  

Just looking at a Ragdoll cat will make you smile, but living with one (or many!) will truly bring joy, laughter, and a peaceful feeling to your heart every single day. My girls come home from college just to hug the cats! They make wonderful companion and emotional support pets as they are one of the most affectionate and endearing cat breeds.

About Ragdolls

Ahhhhh…the Ragdoll. #1 on the popularity list for several consecutive years, Ragdoll cats and kittens do not disappoint as a beloved family pet.

They are known for their luxurious silky coats that come in many rich and alluring colors, their impressive and sturdy build, their docile and affectionate temperament, and their gentle eyes that range from stunning blue in the traditional lines to ocean-like aqua in the mink varieties.

In fact, they are often referred to as “puppy-cats” because they often learn their name, come when called, wait by the door to greet you, and can even learn to “play fetch”.

Ragdolls are calm, easy to train, friendly towards people, and truly a “go with the flow” cat, making them perfect for families with other pets and children.

About Us

Hello, and thanks for stopping by to get to know us! We live in the beautiful and peaceful country on a
small acreage near Grand Forks, North Dakota. Our family is ever changing as we are a foster family
(sometimes of MANY) but we’d like to introduce you to the “core four”.

Meet Our Breeding Tribe

We are dedicated to creating healthy, happy kittens. These are the queens and studs that make it possible.

Ready to have your own Ragdoll to be crazy in love with?